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  • "what would you attempt to do, if you knew that you could not fail?"

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Even though I'm a 'Skins fan at heart, I was cheering the 'Hawks on! Good to see photos of your little football fan, D! :)


What a beautiful little girl! Some of the calls in that game were ridiculous, but oh well. We'll go again! And it's about time you post something new! ;)


oh...came over not expecting anything new!;-) Yay! How cute is Em? (sorry 'bout the game) I called the other day--I will try again later! Miss ya.


hey... i discovered your post a while ago... i visit now and then and thought you died or something!! so glad you didn't .. love your photos!! cute little girl!!

jen paddack-hyde

I was SO rooting for the bummed. I *heart* the coach (big fan from his Packers days)

GOOD to see a post from you.


omigsoh!!! totally in shock! YOU POSTED!!! you know i've been checking nearly every stinkin' day since christmas!!!


let's do coffee at ladro soon! :)

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