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  • "what would you attempt to do, if you knew that you could not fail?"

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jen paddack-hyde

As always Desiree, these pictures are gorgeous!! Nate was LOVING the size of that lemon-cucumber and wants one:) Hope your weekend is going good:)

I totally owe you an e-mail..sorry


Oh my gosh! We went there yesterday and picked blackberries!!! Check out my blog for some pictures. Your flower picture is awesome! Where did you learn to take such fabulous photos!?


What a TOTALLY gorgeous pic oughtta go into greeting cards or something :)

AND, you were totally sweet to think of me when they were giving out Coldplay tickets! Thank you :) (and I might have made the drive, lol)


Fabulous photos, DDesiree!!!


Your photos are SOOO great! I love the all fenced in one of Jack and the tentative friends with Emma. It was a fun day!

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